The Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory (AELab), led by Prof. Maci, is composed of 17 researchers and is one of the most active European research groups in antennas and electromagnetism, with emphasis on:

1) Metasurfaces;

2) Metamaterials and electromagnetic bandgap materials;

3) Numerical Methods for EM;

4) High Frequency Scattering and Diffraction;

5) Antenna Design;

6) Radio Frequency and ID and microwave sensors.

In particular, UNISI has consolidated experience in modelling and characterization of metasurfaces and metamaterials and in the design of innovative antennas and microwave devices. In the last 10 years, the members of the group have published about 200 referred journal papers and book chapters and 400 conference contributions. UNISI has been among the main actors of the Antenna Network of Excellence (ACE).
The unit has at its disposal 120 square meters of labs, dedicated to hardware and software developments, and a fully anechoic chamber. Moreover, related to the significant activity of the unit on analytical and numerical methods and in antenna simulations, a number of software tools are available, both in house developed and
commercial (Ansoft Designer, CST Microwave Studio, etc.). The main facilities are:

– network Analyzer Anritsu MS46122A from 1 MHz to 43.5 GHz;

 – rapid additive prototyping (Ultimaker 2+);

 – fully anechoic shielded chamber for microwave (ETS Lindgren 5m x 3m x 3m, f>600MHz, walls reflectivity -40 dB)

– spherical near field test range in anechoic chamber from 600 MHz to 43.5GHz;

– optimal dynamic range configuration;

– fully remote acquisition and processing system.