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School presentation

Following the successful experience of the Summer School organized within the SatNEx I and II NoE projects (years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009), the new
SatNEx (Satellite Communication Network of Experts) Phase III project, coordinated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), has organized a Summer School event for PhD students and young researchers in Siena in September 2011. SatNEx III comprising 19 partners is funded by ESA from 2010 to 2013. A core team consisting of DLR (D), University of Surrey (UK), and University of Bologna (IT) is coordinating the research activities. For more details on SatNEx III please refer to the project Website.

The summer school has involved major European stakeholders (Universities, Research Institutions, and Industries) to provide a training opportunity for PhD students and young researchers on state-of-the-art satellite communications and networking issues. The school courses span 5 days (1 ECTS): 4 days have been devoted to lessons (two 3 hour lessons per day) from international speakers; at the end of each lesson a test has been carried. The last day, the "SatCom Innovation day", has been devoted to R&D presentations from participating industries and sponsors and selected innovative idea proposals by participating students. The SatNEx III Summer School 2011 has been organized by CNIT - Research Unit of the University of Siena, Dr. Giovanni Giambene. The students with the best ranks resulted: Giuliano Garrammone of DLR and J. Sebastian Knogl of TUM-NAV, Munchen, Germany.
SatNEx III - Summer School 2011, Siena, Italy, 5-9 September 2011
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See the presentation of the SatCom Innovation Day on TOSCANASPAZIO by Prof. Marco Luise, University of Pisa, entitled: "More Space. In Tuscany"