13 maggio 2016

The documents that were presented during the workshop have been uploaded in this page, so to foster future discussion on how to benchmark soft robotic hands.

Invited Talks

  • Oliver Brock – Benchmarking Grasping Before It Happens: The Path Is the Goal, [PDF]
  • Antonio Bicchi – Assessing the Pisa/IIT SoftHand as an upper limb prosthesis
  • Aaron Dollar – Evaluating Grasping Performance in “Unstructured” Tasks, [PDF]
  • Ravi Balasubramanian – Efficient human-guided learning for robotic physical interaction
  • Sven Behnke – Manipulating a Large Variety of Objects and Tool Use in Domestic Service, Industrial Automation, Search and Rescue, and Space Exploration, [PDF]
  • Domenico Prattichizzo – Grasp robustness evaluation for underactuated hands
  • Nancy Pollard – Evaluation of Dexterous Manipulation “in the Wild”, [PDF]
  • M. A. Roa – Benchmarking power grasps and underactuated hands, [PDF]
  • J. A. Falco – Grasping and Manipulation Performance Measures via Benchmarking and Standardized Methodologies, [PDF]


  • Joseph A. Falco and Karl Van Wyk, Performance Benchmarks to Advance the State of Robotic Hands[PDF]
  • Frederick Largilliere, Eulalie Coevoet, Christian Duriez, Stiffness Control of an Anthropomorphic Finger[PDF]
  • Jun Shintake, Herbert Shea, and Dario Floreano, Versatile Soft Grippers Based on Dielectric Elastomer Actuators[PDF]
  • Kyung Yun Choi, Aadeel Akhtar and Timothy Bretl, 3-D printed Impact Resistant Compliant Prosthetic Hand with Non-backdrivable Four-bar Linkage Mechanism, [PDF]
  • Maximilian Haas-Heger, Garud Iyengar, Matei Ciocarlie, Active and Passive Reaction in Grasp Stability Analysis of Underactuated Hands, [PDF]
  • Murilo F. Martins, Panagiotis Sotiropoulos, Michal Kowalik and Graham Deacon, Systematic Evaluation of Compliant Under-actuated Soft Manipulators in an Industrial Context – The Ocado Use Case, [PDF]
  • Werner Friedl, Hannes Hoppner, Maximo A. Roa and Markus Grebenstein, ECE testbed – A hardware tool to benchmark fingers and hands on their capability to use environment constraints exploration, [PDF]
  • Raphael Deimel, Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi, Oliver Brock, Quantifying Morphological Computation of Soft Robotic Hands, [PDF]
  • Rajkumar Muthusamy and Ville Kyrki, Performance metrics for robotic grasping systems, [PDF]
  • Changhyun Choi, Joseph DelPreto, and Daniela Rus, Using Vision for Pre- and Post-Grasping Object Localization for Soft Hands, [PDF]
  • Maria Pozzi, Ashok M. Sundaram, Monica Malvezzi, Domenico Prattichizzo and Máximo A. Roa, Grasp Quality Evaluation in Underactuated Robotic Hands, [PDF]