handThe exploitation of contact and dynamics in manipulation opens a path of disruptive innovation for the development of simple and compliant, yet strong, robust and easy-to-program manipulation systems. This workshop explores a new avenue of robotic manipulation in real environments, exploiting the physical constraints imposed by the environment to enable robust grasping and manipulation in dynamic, open, and highly variable contexts. We will focus on manipulation with the environment, as opposed to manipulation of or in the environment. The physical constraints imposed by objects in the environment and the manipulandum itself will not be regarded as obstacles, but rather as opportunities to guide functional hand pre-shaping, adaptive grasping, and affordance-guided manipulation of objects.
The final aim of the workshop is to set the bases for a newcommunity-wide effort to reinvent manipulation. The ambition is to provide the foundations at the levels of hardware design, control, perception and planning for a fundamental shift in the way of robot manipulation. We will discuss whether this shift not only leads to a significant increase in competencies, robustness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of manipulation systems, but also if the resulting technology will be able to address industrial automation problems beyond the capabilities of existing technologies.