Accepted Posters and Demos

Poster session – Morning.

  1. Exploiting Elastic Dynamics with Trajectory Optimization”, Gerold Huber and Dirk Wollherr.
  2. Experimental Validation of Contact Modeling for In-Hand Manipulation”, Roman Kolbert, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and Alberto Rodriguez.
  3. Affordance-Bearing Parts from Contact Interactions”, Oliver Kroemer and Gaurav Sukhatme.
  4. Optimal Control with Learned Local Models: Scaling Dexterous Manipulation”, Vikash Kumar, Emanuel Todorov, and Sergey Levine.
  5. Dynamic Contact Interaction as a Measurement Uncertainty Problem”, Brahayam Pontn, Stefan Schaal and Ludovic Righetti.
  6. Contact Force Distribution and Grasp Robustness Evaluation in Underactuated and Compliant Hands”, Maria Pozzi , Monica Malvezzi , and Domenico Prattichizzo.
  7. A Compact Representation of Human Single-Object Grasping”, Steffen Puhlmann Fabian Heinemann Oliver Brock Marianne Maertens.
  8. Imitation learning for in-contact tasks”, Mattia Racca and Ville Kyrki.
  9. WHISG – A wearable hand to investigate passive stiffness in grasping”, Werner Friedl, Hannes Hoppner, Màximo A. Roa and Markus Grebenstein.
  10. A constraint-based taxonomy of grasp strategies for grasping flat objects”, Iason Sarantopoulos and Zoe Doulgeri.
  11. Dynamic Regrasping using a Semi-Active Friction”, Joint Avishai Sintov and Amir Shapiro.
  12. Representing grasps in an interaction space”, Ravin de Souza, Jose ́ Santos-Victor, and Aude Billard.
  13. Learning compliant assembly motions from demonstration”, Markku Suomalainen and Ville Kyrki.

Poster and Demo Session – Afternoon.

  1. Programming Using Guarded Motion”, M. Mahdi Ghazaei Ardakani, Maj Stenmark, Andreas Stolt, Rolf Johansson.
  2. Dexterity augmentation on a synergistic hand”, Cosimo Della Santina, Cristina Piazza, Giorgio Grioli, Manuel Catalano and Antonio Bicchi.
  3. An Experimental Evaluation of Contact-Rich Grasping with Soft Hands”, Clemens Eppner Jessica Abele Oliver Brock.
  4. Convertible Frictionless to Frictional Fingertips to Improve Robot Grasp Robustness”, Y. Golan, E. Rimon, and A. Shapiro.
  5. Planar pushing: real time control with contact dynamics” Francois Robert Hogan, Alberto Rodriguez.
  6. The Soft Robotic Sixth Finger: a compliant compensatory tool for assisting post stroke patients”, Irfan Hussain, David Cioncoloni, Simone Rossi, Domenico Prattichizzo, and Gionata Salvietti.
  7. An Investigation of Contact Localization through Overlapping Signals”,Pedro Piacenza, Yuchen Xiao, Steve Park, Ioannis Kymissis and Matei Ciocarlie.
  8. Contact-Guided Snap Assemblies”, Juan Rojas.
  9. Tactile manipulation with a TacThumb integrated on the Open-Hand M2 gripper”, Benjamin Ward-Cherrier, Luke Cramphorn, Nathan F. Lepora.
  10. Measurement of Object Hardness through Dynamic Touch with a GelSight Sensor”, Wenzhen Yuan, Mandayam A. Srinivasan and Edward H. Adelson.
  11. Complementarity-Free Contact Dynamics via Potential Minimization”, Jiaji Zhou, J. Andrew Bagnell and Matthew T. Mason.
  12. Proprioception for a Soft Hand”, Gabriel Zöller Vincent Wall Oliver Brock.