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Marco Mugnaini
Professor of Electronics and Industrial Reliability and Safety
From January 2005 to Present Day
Associate Professor
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Dear Visitor, welcome to this page.
In what follows there's a short description of my achievements and of my Career and what I've done in the past and what I'm currently developing at the University of Siena.
For any further inquiry or if you are interested in starting a collaboration with me please send me an email

"In much of society research means
to investigate something you do not know or understand."
Neil Armstrong

If you are a student....

Please, we are always
looking for talented students to
devolop projects with us!!!
If a scientist is not befuddled by what  they're looking at...
then they're not a research scientist.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Via Roma 56, Second Floor Room 213
Siena, Italy

Associate Professor
Marco Mugnaini
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