Best Demonstration Award winner, IEEE Haptics Symposium 2016

Held since 1992, the IEEE Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS) is a vibrant interdisciplinary forum where psychophysicists, engineers, and designers come together to share advances, spark new collaborations, and envision a future that benefits from rich physical interactions between humans and computers, generated through haptic (force and tactile) devices. In 2016, this conference will be held in[…]


TEDx Siena: Mani e Robot

Vi parlerò di mani e robot. Le nostre mani ci consentono di eseguire movimenti ed azioni apparentemente semplici: spostare oggetti, usare strumenti, mangiare , scrivere e molto altro. Chi è stato colpito da ictus spesso riporta danni permanenti che copromettono spesso l’uso degli arti. La robotica indossabile, ideata e progettata a Siena, è una robotica[…]


When wearable haptics meets wearable robotics: The robotic sixth finger to compensate the hand function in subjects with upper limb impairments

IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2016 Domenico Prattichizzo (University of Siena, Italy) Wearable haptics is an emerging research trend that will enable novel forms of communication and cooperation between humans and robots. The literature on wearable haptics has been mainly focused on vibrotactile stimulation and only recently wearable devices conveying richer stimuli, like[…]