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The Visual Information Processing and Protection (VIPP) group is an informal research group belonging to the Laboratory of Telematics and Telecommunications (LTT) of the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Siena. The VIPP Group was founded in 2005 and it currently consists of 6 members: 1 Professor, 3 PhD students and 2 undergraduate students.

The research interests of the VIPP group span the whole area of visual information processing and multimedia security, with a particular emphasis on the protection and authentication of visual information.

The most active research area of our group is Multimedia Forensics and Adversarial Signal Processing. Other specific research interests include: Data Hiding and Watermarking, Signal Processing in the Encrypted Domain, Processing and Compression of Hyperspectral Images.

The VIPP group is especially devoted to keep a high quality research standard, and for this reason it adopts and pushes the Reproducible Signal Processing (RSP) paradigm, whereby the reproducibility of the experimental part of the researches carried out by the group is ensured by providing a precise description of the experiments and, whenever possible, by sharing the software produced by the group with other researchers.


A post-doc position is available in VIPP group for studying the "Use of discriminative and generative neural networks (GAN) for image forensics in adversarial setting”. The position is for a one year appointment renewable up to 2 additional years.

Perspective candidates must hold a PhD and must have carried out research in Pattern recognition, Machine learning, Image processing or related disciplines, be able to program in Matlab and C, and speak English or Italian proficiently. Knowledge of Python and Tensor Flow is appreciated.


We also accept expression of interests for one-year-long post-lauream scholarships, with the possibility to enter a PhD course at the end of the sholarship. Even in this case the topic of the research is the study of adversarial signal processing techniques, with particular focus on multimedia forensics.

Perspective candidates must hold a degree in ICT, Electronic Engineering or related disciplines, be able to program in Matlab and C, possess a good knowledge in statistical signal processing and image processing and speak English and Italian proficiently.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit an expression of interest to Prof. Barni ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). The expression of interest must include a complete CV and the indication of the publications obtained during the PhD course (for the post-doc position). The inclusion of a reference letter is appreciated but not mandatory.

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