V.I.P.P. Group

Past Projects

1 ESA: HPSI-CS - Hyperspectral Passive Satellite Imaging via Compressive Sensing 952
2 EOARD: AMULET - A MUlti-cLuE approach To image forensics 770
3 FP7: REWIND - Reverse Engineering of audio-VIsual coNtent Data 1539
4 FP7: LivingKnowledge -Facts Opinions and Bias in Time 875
5 PAR: Development of DSC techniques for remote sensing applications 835
6 European Network of Excellence in Cryptology: ECRYPT 838
7 FP6: Signal Processing in EncryptEd Domain (SPEED) 1367
8 ESA: Distributed image coding for remote sensing applications 930
9 CENTRICA: Development of new watermarking techniques for still images 731
10 FIRB: Digital watermarking in presence of de-synchronization attacks 819
11 PRIN: Privacy aware processing of encrypted signals for treating sensitive information (Priv-Ware) 946
12 ESA: Parallel Implementation of LossLess Hyperspectral Image Compression (PILL) 862
13 ESA: Distributed image coding fo remote sensing applications 649
14 CENTRICA: Study of watermarking techniques for biomedical images 698
15 CENTRICA: Analysis and valuation of CENTRICA softwares and prototypes using watermarking algorithms 689
16 CENTRICA: Improvement of CENTRICA software products and prototypes using watermarking algorithms 692
17 ASI: Watermarking techniques for protection ad authentication of remote sensing images accessible through public and private data trasmission networks 791
18 MIUR: Watermarking for the copyright protection of videos and images 672
19 Secure watermarking techniques for copyright protection in digital format 765
20 Planning of courses about Digital Imaging and production of support material for them 615
21 BASNET: Analysis of protection techniques of multimedial data and realization of a watermarking software for images to be connected to the digital-terrestrial television system scheduled for D3T project 669
22 ESA: SATSAMP - Next-generation satellite imaging via compressive sampling 1090