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Mauro Barni

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Mauro Barni graduated in electronic engineering at the University of Florence in 1991. He received the PhD in informatics and telecommunications in October 1995. He has carried out his research activity for  almost 20 years first at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of the University of Florence, then at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Siena where he works as full Professor.

During the last decade, his activity has focused on digital image processing and information security, with particular reference to the application of image processing techniques to copyright protection and Multimedia Forensics.

He has also been studying the possibility of processing signals that has been previously encrypted without decrypting them (signal processing in the encrypted domain  –s .p.e.d.).

He is author/co-author of about 300 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings, and holds three patents in the field of digital watermarking [continue]


My major research interest through the last decade have been focused on the development of a rigorous and comprehensive theory of digital watermarking and the exploitation of psychovisual aspects within such a technology. I have pioneered the new field of signal processing in the encrypted domain (SSP), that is rapidly gaining attention from several research communities including the signal processing and the cryptographic communities. Other research interests include distributed source coding for compression of hyperspectral images and multimedia forensics.
I am a supporter of the reproducible research paradigm as a way to align the quality standards of experimental analysis in signal processing to those of experimental sciences.
Lately I have been working on Multimedia Forensics, with particular attentiont to the impact that the presence of an adversary has on the achievable performance of Multimedia Forensics tools. Such an activity led me to the study of adversarial signal processing a new research field where signal processing tools and concepts form game theory are used together to study the interplay between a legitimate player aiming at analyzing signals and an adversary who tries to imped the analysis.


I am currently teaching two courses:
  • Information Theory
  • Multimedia security

Research Group

Mauro Barni is leading the VIPP (Visual Information Processing and Protection) group at the University of Siena. Mauro Barni founded the VIPP Group in 2005, the group currently consists of 7 members: 1 professor, 1 post-doc researcher, 3 PhD students and 2 undergraduate students.


I am author/co-author of about 300 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings, and hold three patents in the field of digital watermarking. My papers on digital watermarking have significantly contributed to the development of such a theory in the last decade.
I am co-author of the book “Watermarking Systems Engineering: Enabling Digital Assets Security and other Applications”, published by Dekker Inc. in February 2004. I am the editor of the book “Document and Image Compression” published by CRC-Press in 2006.  


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Tutorial and Presentations

You can find the slides of some of the latest tutorial talks I have given here