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Riccardo Lazzeretti

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Riccardo Lazzeretti's new webpage at Università La Sapienza


Riccardo Lazzeretti got the M.Sc. degree (Laurea) in Engineering at the Uni- versity of Siena in 2007. Then he continued its study as a Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Mauro Barni at the Information Engineering Department of the University of Siena, working on Signal Processing of Encrypted Signals. During Ph.D., from November 2009 to May 2010, he spent six months in Philips Lab at Eindhoven, The Netherland, under the supervision of Senior Scientist Jorge Guajardo. In 2012 he discussed the Ph.D. thesis and actually he has a research grant, continuing its research at the Information Engineering and Mathematical Science Department of the University of Siena, cooperating with Prof. Barni. During its experience he participated to many projects, in particular to the FP6 european project SPEED, the italian project priv-WARE, funded by MIUR, and the project ELT-950, sponsored by the Italian company ELT-Elettronica.


His research activity is mainly focused on Signal Processing in the Encrypted Domain (also named Secure Multi-Party Computation) used in privacy preserving application wherein the parties are interested to evaluate a common functionality, but do not trust each other, and hence are not available to disclose their private inputs and outputs. By using principally Homomorphic Encryption and Garbled Circuit, Riccardo addressed several scenarios, such as biometry-based identification problems and remote healthcare analysis based on ECG classification and remote signal quality evaluation.

Research Group

Riccardo is actually part of the Visual Information Processing and Protection group, led by Prof. Mauro Barni at the University of Siena.


All of my publications are available on the Publication section of this website.


2008-2009: Lectures during the course of “Random Signals” of the Laurea Degrees in Telecommunication Engineering of the University of Siena.


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